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Day Trips

All Prices given on request

NOTE - For any Mystery trip, either wear walking (enclosed) shoes or bring a pair with you. We have been caught out a few times and I’d hate anyone to miss out on a tour because of their shoes

Please DO NOT wear perfume or strong aftershave or other things that smell as a lot of passengers have adverse effects from these and it can spoil their Day or Evening 

Mystery Trip No 10 
Thursday 23rd November
This place is completely new to us and Beautiful
New lunch venue too
All inclusive price
- - - - - - - - - - - - 
Cherries and Chocolates
 Wednesday 6th December
Departs Greenock Sq 7.00am, Kapunda HSt 7.20, 
Nuriootpa Fw 7.45 PRd 7.50, BP 7.55 
Today we will do our yearly run for Cherries and today Chocolates
V Green & Co will be expecting us and ready for the rush to get your fresh Cherries. They do have other fruit for sale plus delicious Homemade Ice-Creams       Lunch will be at Liberty Diner.
Last time we went to Haig’s we missed out on our tour time, this time I have made the bookings for 2.30pm & 3.00pm. Regarding the tour PLEASE let us know either way (YES or NO).       For new comers Chemist warehouse is in walking distance of our lunch place
                                                  Total Cost per person
                                                         - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                          New Year Day Lunch
                                              Times and Menu in the November Newsletter
 We have always had a lovely lunch at “Auchendarroch House”, at Mount Barker so, have decided to use this venue for our New Year Day Lunch This is a beautiful venue so, have a look around but don’t go into areas that are being used or closed doors. Check the gardens out it is quite a big area.
No Morning tea Cost per person
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Austbuilt Maritime Museum 
 Sunday 14th January

Departs – Greenock Bd 6.55am, Kapunda HSt 7.15,
 Nuriootpa Fw
7.45, PRd 7.55, BP 8.00, Tanunda OTR 8.05, LRd 8.10, Ins 8.15, Lyndoch OpVG 8.30, Gawler FsPs 8.45

This is NOT the Maritime Museum we visited last year
If I was to write all the information I have of this museum it would take up a lot room, so I will mention one person. ‘ Old Keith’ is the late Keith Le Leu – The bloke they called ‘the bowerbird of the ocean’. Born in Port Adelaide in 1926, Keith spent his life at sea as a merchant sailor – but he was always drawn back to the Port.  He died in 2006 but before his death, he handed the museum over to the Port Adelaide Historical Society – whose volunteers have vowed to keep it going.
He collected everything from anywhere it could be found or seen. Having been a seaman on ships, he travelled all over Australia, around the world and wherever he saw something that was going to be scrapped or thrown out, he would organize to get it for the museum.

Lunch will be at the Port Dock Brewery. A lovely Carvery lunch like the Weintal used to have, and after lunch take a stroll over to the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets, which we haven’t been to  for a long time
All Inclusive Cost  per person
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Beerenberg Strawberries plus Hahndorf
Fruit & Veg Market
Tuesday 6th February

Departs – Greenock BD 7.20am, Kapunda HSt 7.40,
 Nuriootpa Fw
8.10, PRd 8.20, BP 8.25 Tanunda OTR 8.30, LRd, Ins 8.40, Lyndoch WtRd 8.55, Williamstown Ins 9.10

Today it’s off to visit Beerenberg at Hahndorf. Ann and myself visited the shop last week and was surprised how much it has changed and how much is in this shop NOT just strawberries, I bought a jar of Blackberry Jam oh so yummy. We will all receive a jar of Strawberry Jam, have some product tasting and a talk about the company. 
Next we go to the Hahndorf Old Mill and enjoy a lovely Buffet Lunch

After lunch we’ll visit the Hahndorf Fruit and Veg Market before returning home

All Inclusive Cost per person
- - - - - - - - - - - -

The Planetarium
Monday 19th Februa

DepartsGreenock BD 7.15am, Kapunda HSt 7.35,
Nuriootpa Fw 8.00, PRd 8.05, BP 8.10
Tanunda OTR 8.20, LRd 8.25, Ins 8.30, Lyndoch OpVG 8.45, Gawler FsPs 9.00

  We did this trip a few years ago and I tell you it is so much better than trying to find something in the sky through a telescope. You sit in a comfortable chair, tilt it to your liking and watch the show

The Planetarium is located at the University of South Australia Mawson Lakes and is part of the School of Natural and Built Environments. It contains a Zeiss ZKP- 1 star projector that simulates a starry sky on an 8 meter dome and has seating for 45. The projector provides a remarkably realistic sense of being under the real night sky. It is used to show the sky as seen from the southern hemisphere, pointing out constellations, the Milky Way, the Magellanic Clouds and where to look for planets. It also demonstrates the general celestial motions that cause the sky to appear different at various times of the night and year.
 Tour lasts for approximately 1 hour, during this time we will watch a short movie (We’re Not sure which one it will be) also be aware that the lights will be turned down and it will be dark for most of the session, mobile phones need to be switched off
You are able to ask questions, I believe at any time. If you wish to take photos inside the Planetarium please ask the astronomy educator running the session
Lunch today will be at the White Horse Inn then we will see how much time we have left to visit another venue
Total Cost per person
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